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Global citizenship is a social trend which fosters a new model of citizenship actively engaged and committed to making the world a more equitable and sustainable place.

From this perspective, Education for a Global Citizenship promotes respect and value for diversity, environmental defence, responsible consumption and respect for individual and social Human Rights.

The thread behind each Connecting worlds' proposal is an issue focused on training students on global citizenship, in the understanding that a global citizen is someone who:

  • Is aware of the wider world and of the challenges facing us in today's world.
  • Recognises him/herself and others as people with dignity, rights and responsibilities, and with the power to bring about changes.
  • Takes responsibility for his/her actions, is outraged by injustice and by any form of Human Rights abuse.
  • Respects and values gender equality, diversity and the multiple identities and sense of belonging of people and communities as a source of human enrichment.
  • Is interested in knowing, critically analyze and disseminate how the world works at economic, politic, social, cultural, technological and environmental levels.
  • Participates and is committed to the community at a range of levels - from the local to the global - with the aim of making the world a more equitable and sustainable place.
  • Contributes to build an active citizenship which fights against inequality by aiming at the redistribution of power, opportunities and resources

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